Greetings from CEO

Thank you for visiting our Paycock homepage.

In 1990's, Silicon Valley was established in America as the center of IT industry. However, during that same period of time, Teheran Valley is already a powerhouse of IT industry in Korea. Now, Korea has been a little bit left behind than USA, UK, and China in terms of 'FINTECH'. Yet, we are striving hard to catch up in this smart-financing industry.

Although Paycock has just started its run last year, CEO MR. Kwon of this company has been working in this industry over 22 years. These many years have brought expertise and competence that you can trust.

Some decades ago, parents would use their cash for their children. There were no banks, no checks, no credit cards. Nowadays, the finance industry has evolved into this level of sophistication that money-transfers can be accomplished by a piece of card. Everyone can use this technology comfortably as if they’re using cash.

Paycock will do its best to be the leading FINTECH company in the world by promoting smart financing for customers' requirements. Thank you for your support!

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