Introducing Paygood

Paygood is fast, easy and very safe card payment system. Paygood does not save any data or image of credit card. It just reads card number and expiry date to get payment information.

Paygood's characteristics

1. You can trust fully about security any image gotten from 3D technology scan will not be saved into the device.

2. Companies which visit their customers directly for delivery, insurance, vendor visits, rental-up, driving agency etc. can use Paycock app for easy payment.

3. Customers do not have to save their information in advance on the phone to prevent hacking incident.

Advantage of Paygood

1. The purchase price does not occur.

- No need a separate purchase for portable check device (around 300,000 ~ 600,000 won) or mobile reader device (more than 50,000 won)

2. No need to pay for maintenance fee.

- Usually, you must pay 15,000 ~ 20,000 won for rental fee for credit card terminal. However, with Paycock there is no nee to pay anymore.

3. It's accessible and easy to use.

- No need for bulky credit card terminals. You can use Paycock anytime, anywhere with your smart phone.

Future Development

1. We will utilize the barcode scanning technology, so our clients will be avaliable to use a variety of payment methods such as prepaid card, gift card, and membership service.

2. We are developing a way to use the front camera of the vendor’s smart phone. It is designed to capture not only the credit card’s image but also their customer's to ensure security.

3. Our company eyes to tie-up with other countries’ payment system such as Ali pay (country), etc. We also plan to join technological exhibits all over the world.